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whateverHow To Be Build Up Self Confidence

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How To Build Up Self Confidence

Going on your first date with a person you are interested in is an unforgettable experience, which many people cherish even years down the line after they are settled in live. However, this could often turn out to be a stressful experience, particularly due to shyness and fear stemming from the shyness.

What happens when one feels shy? The most notable symptoms of shyness are blushing, increased heart beat, being overcome by a feeling of anxiety, “butterflies” in the stomach and fumbling for words while making a conversation. Usually you will experience this if you are low in confidence and feel inferior to the person you are taking out on your first date. This might also be due to lack of clarity about what the person is expecting, memories from your previous unpleasant experiences, negative thoughts or lack of knowledge about how to behave during social occasions.

However, there are strategies that can help you dispel your shyness and fears, and these will end up making your date a memorable and not an unpleasant experience.

The most important strategy is to get relaxed and ease out tension from the body and mind. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly can help immensely. You should always have a smile on your face and maintain an eye-to-eye contact while conversing. Another useful strategy that could calm the brain is to read out a comic story or recollect a hilarious experience

Slow and casual talk can always help in getting rid of shyness. Shy people should always try to express their emotions. Otherwise, this would result in building up unwanted pressure inside.

Fear is a fantasy of the mind. One can easily get over it if he can convince his mind that ‘fear’ is a non-existent entity, and this will definitely boost his inner strength and provide him with ample confidence.

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How To Be Build Up Self Confidence

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