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Appropriate Questions You Can Ask On The First DateAppropriate Questions You Can Ask On The First Date

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Appropriate Questions You Can Ask On The First Date

It is quite natural to feel nervous on your first date. However, to break the ice and get things going, you can ask certain questions to your date. The questions you ask will eventually lead to a conversation, and that will help increase the comfort level between you two. However, you will have to realize that not all questions are appropriate to ask on your first date. There are good questions which can make your day and bad questions that can mar your day. Here are some of the appropriate questions you can ask on your first date:

  • Example Question 1: What kind of relationship are you looking for? This is a major question that one should ask on the first date, according to the relationship experts. This question throws light on the kind of relationship both the persons want to have. However, the tone of the question must not be very inquisitive.
  • Example Question 2: What is an ideal relationship according to you? This question helps both partners know about the idea of relationship from each person's perspective.
  • Example Question 3: What is your favorite pass time activity? This question on a first date will reveal the various interests/inclinations of the other person. This will help you to know the things that he/she loves to do for fun. You will also come to know whether he is an extrovert or an introvert. You may share some common interests as well.
  • Example Question 4: Which is the worst mistake that people tend to commit in their relationships? - This is an extremely important question since it will reveal the turn ons and turn offs of the person regarding relationships.
  • Example Question 5: Do you get annoyed easily and how? This question will help you know about the likes and dislikes of the other person on your first date.
  • Example Question 6: Do you like to read books and watch movies? This question forms the very base of conversation on a first outing together. Most people love to watch movies and read books. You can also try to find out what is the last one he/she has read or seen and what was interesting in that. If you have also liked the same, then you can share your views.

Pay attention to these few guidelines and make a success out of your first date.

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Appropriate Questions You Can Ask On The First Date

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