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whateverwhat women & men should do on a first date

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What Women & Men Should Do On A First Date?

A first date is always a daunting experience. There would be multiple things going through the mind that include what to wear, where to go, what to order, what to speak and even what not to speak. However, there are certain tips and tricks to make your first dating experience a memorable experience.

For Men:

Dating rules are a bit elaborate for men. As a man you must exude confidence while conversing with a woman. Confident conversation ensures that you have already won half the battle. Usually, women expect men to be organized and trustworthy. Hence, before going on a date, one should always plan about the venue, date and time. Presents such as flowers or other gifts would be construed as a romantic gesture. Since appearance creates an impression, men should make sure that they are impeccably dressed for the occasion. It is important to have information about the dining and drinking habits of the woman prior to the date. Apart from these, one should always have an eye-to-eye conversation, be courteous, compassionate, listen to the woman attentively and carry out a decent conversation.

For Women:

Never rush. It is very important to wait for the guy to ask you for a date. Allow the guy to manage the entire arrangements for the date including booking a table, paying for the meals and even opening the door. While conversing, one should make a genuine effort to know the interests of your date. Mobile phones and any other deviations should be switched off as these might lead to dilution of interest. Women should approach the situation with the objective of having fun. Avoid any conversation about former relationships. Order a decent menu. At the end, make it a point to thank and compliment the man for the wonderful time that you spent together.

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