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When To Call After First Date

Very often, when the first date ends in a wonderful style, people remain clueless regarding how to proceed further. They are usually in a dilemma whether to call their new friend for a second date or remain quiet for sometime.

Even though people have different opinions on this issue, it is always better to call whenever one feels like. However, there are certain ways to convey your message with a right intention.

Whenever a couple ends their first date on a happy note, they should always make it a point to exchange their telephone numbers. Who knows they might prove useful anytime. However, one should always avoid giving a call the same night. Many consider this as an overly keen and eager approach. Alternate approach is to send a short text message conveying thanks.  Also, one should never make a call after waiting for too long as your date may consider this as a reckless, playful and insincere attitude. The appropriate time to make a call is just within 2-3 days.

;When you finally make that call it is always important to mention the nice experiences you had on the first date, following it up with an option for a second date. The best way to convince is to maintain a simple and pleasant conversation. Avoid extended conversation while talking for the first time after the date. It is always better to be prepared about what to converse rather than blabbering anything on the phone so as to avoid embarrassment.

However, one should always remember to fulfill any promises made. Also, you should avoid sending excessive text messages, enjoy personal life rather than anticipating a call and try to keep your expectations low.

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When To Call After First Date

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