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Mail Order Bride From The PhilippinesMail Order Bride From The Philippines

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Mail Order Bride From The Philippines

The concept of the mail order bride has taken the marriage arena by storm in the last two decades when women started placing advertisements to marry men from wealthy developed countries. Presently the Internet is serving as the platform to find a mail order bride from various countries. The Philippines is among the most popular destinations for mission mail order bride.

A bride from Philippines is considered to be smart, sensitive, petite, ambitious, exotic and devoted. Years of observation have shown that there is a trend among the South Korean men to marry Philippines mail order brides. According to the data gathered by Korean Government, more than 6000 men in South Korea marry women hailing from Philippines. Men and women from Korea and Philippines meet up thorough an agency and choose their partner. A couple of girls appear in the meeting and the man chooses a bride for himself.

However, in the present times the Government of Philippines has passed and implemented an act against such marriages. The Republic Act 6955 which was put to effect in 1990 states that any kind of mail order bride marriage of Philippines girls is not allowed in the state. This act was implemented to save the girls from being abused and to stop trafficking of girls to other countries. Hence, marriages between Filipino women and other foreign nationals have been declared unlawful by the government.

The government took this step after several reports were published showing the miserable conditions of Filipino girls married through mail order system in foreign lands. Many women who got married to men from other nations were abused regularly by their husbands. However, this has given rise to a new trend of Filipino men contacting men from other countries in order to get the girls married. This phenomenon is termed as reverse publications and it continues.

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Mail Order Bride From The Philippines

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