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What To Say When You Propose MarriageWhat To Say When You Propose Marriage

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What To Say When You Propose Marriage

Everyone dreams of getting married to the man or woman of his/her dreams and to propose in the right manner. While proposing, the right way can extract a 'yes' from the partner, selection of wrong words when you propose can spoil the chances of living happily ever after. Here are some tips regarding what to say when you propose marriage to your beloved.

One of the best ways to propose marriage is surprise the other person, although she knows that you love her. It is important to find the perfect ring when you propose a girl for marriage. It will be nice if you could plan something out of the box to surprise the person. However, do not make it jarring. You can propose someone for marriage at any place, but it will add to the significance of the proposal if you select a nice romantic venue for propping up the marriage question. After saying 'Will you marry me,' do take the effort to tell her why would you like to marry her. Saying this will add to the charm of the situation. Do spell out the words confidently so that you do not end up giving the impression that you are not really prepared for marriage.

This is an important occasion and do remember to make this moment an unforgettable one for both of you. Saying those words can make you nervous, so prepare for it in advance. If you do not want to take the beaten track, then there are some other things you can say while asking her. Saying, "I love you, and since the day you have walked into my life it has changed completely. I would love to grow old with you. Would you like to spend your life with me?" is a good way. You can also say, "Dear, you made me realize the significance of love. I wish to see the sun rising with you and would love to be with you always. No matter what life brings to us, I will be there for you. Will you be my wife?" These are a few ideas you can keep handy when you want to propose marriage.

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What To Say When You Propose Marriage

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