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Early Signs Of HomosexualityEarly Signs Of Homosexuality

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Early Signs Of Homosexuality

A majority of experts agree that homosexuality is a conscious choice. However, some recent research has claimed to have found the homosexuality gene. Whichever group you wish to believe in, most experts agree that there are some common early signs associated with being gay.

Perhaps one of the most common early signs is cross-dressing. Children are curious and they will often experiment with clothes 'traditionally' worn by the other gender. A continuous and consistent display of this tendency is believed to be an early sign that the child is gay. Children exhibit these signs from as early as three years. Be sure that you document these early instances to understand your child better.

Another common trait is the fascination with dolls, doll-houses, dressing up dolls, in the case of boys. For girls, however, playing with action figures, toy guns, toy cars, etc, are absolutely acceptable behaviors. If you find the boy's closet lined with trinkets like doll jewelry, it is an early sign that the boy may lean towards homosexuality. In case of girls, it is a bit more difficult to determine.

Clearer signs of a child's sexuality emerge as he/she grows up. What programs do they watch on TV? What kind of comics do they read? Which type of toys do they demand? How do they interact with friends over the phone? The answers to all these questions can detect early signs of homosexuality. Any behavior that is a deviation from traditional choices should indicate that there is a chance of the child choosing homosexuality. A boy adapting the sing-song tone of his girlfriends, their gushing speech style, eye rolls, and other common forms of expression could be signs that the child will tilt towards homosexuality when he grows up.

Another argument being put forward is that gay parents tend to encourage homosexuality. This theorizing arises from the fact that gay parents are more tolerant to early signs of homosexuality than straight ones. What heterosexual couples may find deviant, the gay parents tend to accept and not reprimand. The theory is yet to be definitively proven.

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Early Signs Of Homosexuality

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