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Muslim Beliefs About HomosexualityMuslim Beliefs About Homosexuality

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Muslim Beliefs About Homosexuality

IIslam is the second largest religion with around 1.57 billion Muslims around the world. It is a religion governed by the Qur'an, their holy book. On the issue of homosexuality, the Qur'an does not provide a favorable outlook and has a strong belief that homosexuality is a crime. Here are a few interpretations of quotations from the Qur’an which will throw some light on the belief:

Sura 4:20-21: A general translation of this verse would mean that if two men indulge in intercourse, the society should punish them. However, if they reform their ways in the future, they should be forgiven. The Holy Book also tells the story of God destroying the city of Sodom in which men ignored their wife and indulged in same sex activity. Please refer to verses 7:80-84, 11:69-83, 26:159-175, 27:54-58, 29:28-34 from the Qur'an.

Following this belief, homosexuality is outlawed in most Muslim communities and is considered a crime. In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran and many Islamic nations of Africa, any act of homosexuality is punishable by law, often carrying a death sentence. In other nations with sizable Muslim population like India, homosexuality has been decriminalized but is largely rejected by the Muslim communities as per their belief on the issue. Many human rights organizations like Amnesty International have condemned harsh laws like death penalty followed by the Islamic countries and have made efforts to reform the belief of the community. However, these efforts have been largely rejected by most Muslim nations and societies.

There have been several efforts by eminent Muslims to get homosexuality accepted and bring reforms to the existing belief. Some Muslim scholars have also stated that same gender sex is not against the dictates of the Qur'an. However, these efforts and claims have not been accepted by most Muslim communities in the world.

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Muslim Beliefs About Homosexuality

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