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Fun Ways To KissFun Ways To Kiss

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Fun Ways To Kiss

Kissing is a very intimate and romantic interaction. Kissing is not only a part of love making, but also a way to portray your love and commitment to your partner. There are many ways to kiss, and numerous kissing games you can indulge in. These intimate, fun and naughty games heighten the excitement in your relationship and keep things fresh and lively. Some of the fun ways are listed here for you to try and spice up your love life.

You can play a kissing game where you and your partner will kiss and hold it in that position as long as you can. The first one to break your seal loses and is required to do the partners bidding. Your female partner can wear something intimate and play this at night as a form of foreplay. It will bring some sizzle into the bedroom. Another popular fun way to kiss is the ‘Ice Princess’, where you chill your mouth with a cube or two of ice and surprise your partner. Try kissing on the ears and the neck for the best results. You could alternately try the ‘hot’ variant using hot water.

Flavors (like chocolate) are another way of adding to your kissing experience. A kiss this way not only pleases you sensually, it also titillates the taste-buds, leading to some intense sensations. Use flavors that you know your partner loves. You could try out flavours on any part of your or your partner’s body that needs to be kissed.

The kissing countdown is for the more adventurous. In this fun way, you are not allowed to kiss the same part of the body twice in a day! Keep scores and logs about where you have been kissed. Devise elaborate penalties for each failure. You may also create your own secret kiss. It is a fun thing to do and there is no harm in trying out what kiss works best for you.

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Fun Ways To Kiss

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