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Industry Size Of The Mail Order Bride BusinessIndustry Size Of The Mail Order Bride Business

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Industry Size Of The Mail Order Bride Business

The industry size of mail order brides has changed a lot from the early years when it started. In the 21st century, it has transformed into a large scale business. Internet has revolutionized the business of mail order brides. The size of mail order bride industry is on an ever increasing spree with the USA having over 200 mail order bride agencies.

According to the Federal News Service, there were around 100 mail order bride agencies in the USA 10 years back. However, during this period, the industry size increased to encompass around 200 agencies. In fact, Internet has contributed a lot in the increase in size of this business, so that now it is being reckoned as an industry. In reality, an agency sells a catalogue containing 320 photos of girls at a price of $35. When you enter a website to find mail order brides, you have to access their addresses. To be able to do so, you need to pay a certain amount. If you become a member of such a website it will charge anything between $79 and $99. Hence, if men continue to do this, they contribute in increasing the size as well as turnover of this trade.

The mail order bride industry has a huge turnover rate with the business scams also contributing to the profit. It has turned into a multi million dollar industry with the size of business ever increasing. Many countries like the USA have regulated laws regarding this trade. On the other hand, countries like Canada do not have any such laws to control this booming trade thereby letting it expand and garner profit. Sometimes the illegal tie-up between this industry and the trafficking business also contribute in the increased size and profits.

President of Cherry Blossoms, an agency, vouches that this is a highly profitable business, since they serve at least 1000 men per month who pay around $200 each. Thus, we can definitely make out the huge figure of money involved in this industry with 200 such agencies.

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Industry Size Of The Mail Order Bride Business

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