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whateverBody Language And The Signs Of Attraction

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Body Language And The Signs Of Attraction

Understanding the body language is essential in building up a relationship since much of the communication between two people take place through their body language. Basically, there are two types of signs or gestures when we talk about body language. They are open gestures or signs and close gestures or signs. A woman or a man displays open signs when he/she likes the other person and displays a closed sign when there is no liking. Sometimes a shy person may display closed gesture in spite of his/her liking the other person.

Body language is intimately related to the signs of attraction. It becomes easy for someone to know whether the other person has attraction for him/her when you read the body language. There is often a mix of loud and subtle signs. When you have a major crush on someone, your body sends out loud and clear signals of attraction to the person, though most of it happens unconsciously. In a broad way, there are five major physical postures related to attraction to look out for. When someone is really attracted towards you, his body will be squarely facing you, his foot will be pointing straight to your direction, and he will touch you lightly without any good reason. If he has crossed his legs, then that will also point towards you and he will intrude into your individual space. The most prominent of all attraction signs is that his gaze will be affixed on you so that you feel you are the center of attention.

Eyes have their own language, which reveals feelings. Whether the person is giving you an intimate gaze or social gaze becomes quite a deciding factor. If the significant other is scanning your face minutely, going from eyes to your hair, mouth and other facial regions, then he is feeling an attraction towards you. Some other common signs of attraction include tilting their head towards you, sitting on the edge of seat, touching one's own face and straightening clothes or fixing the tresses.

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Body Language And The Signs Of Attraction

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