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Reading Female Body Language SignalsReading Female Body Language Signals

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Reading Female Body Language Signals

Reading the female body language signals can be extremely interesting as well as revealing. A female often communicates a lot through her body language. If you get them right, then you will have the woman of your dreams. Women convey a lot through their eyes, lips, hands and legs. To understand the indications, you must have a good look at what her facial expressions and her stances are conveying.

The most common body language displayed by a woman when she is interested in someone is to play with her hair. When she is tossing her hair, it indicates her happy and healthy lifestyle. It also states that she is confident about her appearance. Another somewhat related signal is that of flicking the hair. This has been quite a famous coquettish gesture on a woman"s part. Toying with any kind of object at hand is also another sign of nervous interest. According to psychologists, the inner feelings of human beings are reflected by their treatment of an external object. Slow and sustained movements on the object indicate that the female might be interested in kissing you.

Other interesting body language signals include nibbling on the lip, which indicates that the female may be interested in physical proximity. If a woman is stroking her neck, then it is a subtle sign of her interest in you. It is an extremely sensitive region, which makes her feel good. It also indicates that she is comfortable with you. Tilting the head slightly and smiling is one of the classic signs of attraction, which also means approval sometimes. Another interesting body language is dangling the shoe. This shows that the female is comfortable with you and she is really interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Reading the female body language signals properly can save you from rejection as well. For instance, if she is standing with her arms crossed while giving you a quick glimpse of the evil eye, it means you have better start figuring out a way to ask for forgiveness.

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Reading Female Body Language Signals

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