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Body Language Of A LiarBody Language Of A Liar

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Body Language Of A Liar

It is extremely important for all of us to identify a liar to protect ourselves from potential danger or loss. If we take a close look at the body language of a person, we will be able to figure out whether that person is a liar or not. We come across different types of liars everyday. Some of them are confident while others are not. Hence, you must understand the body language to identify one.

One of the most prominent signs of a liar is that he/she will fidget a lot. Restlessness is one of the most conspicuous signs of lying. There is an underlying discomfort within us when we fabricate and that manifests itself through the fidgety behavior. Eyes have always played a major role in detecting the nature of a person. You can detect a liar if you look into the eyes of the person carefully. A liar seldom makes eye contact while talking. Even if he/she does, it is for a short while and the gaze shifts.

When someone is faking, he/she tends to touch his/her mouth and face more often. It is a reflexive response which one cannot control when being untruthful. This has been noted in about 90% of liars. The body language of a liar actually gives out that he is being dishonest and is beyond his own control. You just need to be watchful enough to catch him. Someone who is not telling the truth normally looks down while talking and his narration is punctuated with pauses. This is because the mind takes time to makeup stories. The body language of a liar changes and throws light upon his behavior. Hence, he tends to maintain a defensive stance. His body language is more rigid so as to stop him from giving out the actual story. A stiff body language indicates his discomfort that tells us that he is a fake.

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Body Language Of A Liar

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