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Eye And Body Language Of LoveEye And Body Language Of Love

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Eye And Body Language Of Love

Eye and the body language play major roles in sending out signals of love to the significant other. Eyes have always been regarded as one of the primary means in terms of sending love signals to the other person. It is indeed an important part of our entire body language. Eyes can convey a lot more than any other signal can do. If you know how to use it properly, you can win the heart of the person you are interested in.

Love actually starts with the eyes, and therefore we have derived the adage- "Love at first sight". The first thing a man does or needs to do is to fix his gaze on the woman he likes. You must stare directly at her and try to lock eyes with her. Eye contact is essential and acts as the foundation of a relationship. Looking straight into the eyes of someone indicates an invitation to approach the person. If you do not register this, then you might miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Eyes have a language of their own and it is important to recognize that. Once in love, it is hard to shift gaze and look anywhere else other than your love interest.

If someone has fallen for you, you will notice that his/her body language has changed. When you are in love, your body becomes less rigid in the presence of the significant other. You try to maintain closeness even in a social gathering. Your body language will be extremely positive and orientation will be towards that person only. Smiling and touching brows while evaluating the person are also positive sings of adoration. The body language of someone who adores you will mostly be warm. If it is not, then it is probably because he thinks he has displayed a lot. Reducing the private space between the two of you is also a positive sign expressing adoration.

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Eye And Body Language Of Love

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