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Body Language Associated With TouchBody Language Associated With Touch

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Body Language Associated With Touch

Body language is the key to know and interpret a personís mind and the sense of touch forms an important part of understanding a manís body language. Men display a lot of emotions and feelings through the non-verbal cues associated with touch, and this body language has been found to work wonders in many cases, where it has been difficult to figure out a personís mind through verbal expressions.

The body language of touch entails the very basis of displaying intimacy and studies have revealed that it has the quality of healing the mind in many ways. A friendly pat on the back is far more encouraging than a mere "well done", a stroke on your head offers much more relief than a balm, the warmth of an arm around the shoulders when you feel grey, provides much better consolation than a simple "do not worry". Touch heals a wounded soul, lifts up an adolescent's spirit, soothes a crying baby and comforts an aged person. This body language has been found to create miracles in weak babies who have grown and developed much faster with the delicate touch of a finger or the warmth of the motherís lap.

The body language associated with touch can also exhibit a lot of the working of a personís mind. You can well differentiate a friendly tickle from a colleague from the sensuous touch of your beloved, the loving touch of your mother from the encouraging one of your senior. Touch defines intimacy between two persons and your inherent nature will tell you when to avert a person who is compelling you to be close to him. There are ample cues to let you know a person is falling for you, which can again be deduced from the way he touches you. If your man holds your hand tight or tries to weave his fingers into yours, chances are he is deeply in love with you. You can understand the intentions of a flirting male if he tries to touch you too soon before trying to know the person within you first.

The body language of touch can make us revere a person or avoid him like the plague or even fall in love with someone. In short, this body language has a lot to tell, to express, to feel, without even uttering a single word or phrase.

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Body Language Associated With Touch

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