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Male Body Language When FlirtingMale Body Language When Flirting

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Male Body Language When Flirting

Men are known for their flirting attitude and more or less all males have a tendency to flirt. Hence, if you are marveling at whether that cute guy you met at the party was flirting with you or merely trying to be friends, here are some useful tips to interpret male body language while flirting. It is a known fact that body language reveals truths more accurately than words and once you get a grip over the cues that lead to the myriad body language a male delineates while trying to get close to a woman, you can read their mind with ease.

The first signs of flirting in a male that you need to be aware of are his eyes. The typical male will tend to look directly in your eyes and linger his gaze for a longer time than usual. He may also raise his eyebrows a bit in what is referred to as the “eyebrow flash” and quickly accompany it with a cute grin. You may also notice him making a body language of posing as the “alpha male” or a macho where he might place his hands on his hips, broaden his shoulders and try to stand taller in front of you.

Another stereotypical body language which a male displays while flirting, is the very aura that he carries with himself, the tendency to look his best all the time he is with you. This preening can be assayed by the way he becomes conscious of himself, adjusting his collars and tie, smoothening his ruffled hair , exhibiting a manly body language by striking a pose and standing with his feet apart.

A male will always try to get closer to the woman he is flirting with and touching the sleeves of her shirt, or patting her back or even bumping on her casually. These are some common body language of flirting manifested by a quintessential male. Other than these archetypal parades of flirting, a male may occasionally flaunt himself in front of the woman he wishes to date, may whisper in her ears and lean towards her, or exhibit the commonplace act of putting his thumbs in the loops of his belt. If a male portrays even any one of these body languages, you can be well assured that he is flirting.

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Male Body Language When Flirting

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