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Body Language In CommunicationBody Language In Communication

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Body Language In Communication

Successful communication is highly dependent on the gestures and demeanor of the speaker. Research reveals that about 60 to 70 percent of the human attraction is elicited from the body language of the orator or the non-verbal communication. Body language encompasses facial expressions, bodily movements or gestures, such as motioning or signaling by the hands, eye contact, postures of the body and tactile expressions.

How often have we applauded an orator for his excellent delivery of speech, the clarity of his voice and the way he presents himself in front of everyone. The very personality of the person entices us and this personality or attitude does not come out with only the words or phrases the speaker uses. Efficacious and triumphant communication depends on the right kind of body language, the perfect poise and mien of the communicator.

If you introspect on the aspects of communication intently, you will be surprised to see how much of a person’s mind you can read and surmise simply by observing their non-verbal expressions. Have you not been reprimanded at some point of time for not paying attention to the lectures, even when you have not depicted any evident signs of inattentiveness like talking to someone else? The unfocused expressions on your face, the disinterested look in your eyes, the blank gestures - all these arenas of body language help gauge some part of what is going on in your mind.

Body language - the expressions, eye contact, touch, gestures - all are extremely significant in effective communication. For instance, using direct eye contact when you communicate signifies truth or may also mean that the person is skeptical of what you are saying and does not trust you. Avoiding eye contact implies lying or hesitation on the part of the speaker. The touch miracle - a pat on your back has always been much more encouraging than a simple “bravo” from your seniors. The non-verbal communication implied by crossing arms in front of your body, undoubtedly displays a domineering attitude. A smiling face, in myriad ways speaks of the language of happiness, motivation, and pleasure, or contentment. Hence, a lot depends on how you present yourself as a communicator and how well your body language efficiently portrays these aspects of communication.

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Body Language In Communication

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