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Reading A Man's Body LanguageReading A Man's Body Language

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Reading A Man's Body Language

Wondering how your Knight in Shining Armor feels about you? It might be a simple surmise as reading a man's body language is far easier and predictable than understanding the complex working of a woman's mind. The reason being, a man is much more direct and expressive in his feelings for a woman and this becomes clearly evident through his body language - his gestures, the way he looks at you and the manner he holds your hands. In fact, you do not need to depend on the man's words for reading his emotions; the body language says it all with much veracity and precision.

Eyes are rightly said to be the windows of the soul and a manís body language and reading a man's intentions can be efficacious by contemplating the way he gazes at you. A direct eye contact with a passionate look in them for a long time is sure to melt your heart and this body language will tell you that this is your Prince Charming who is really head over heels in love with you. Do be careful while reading the man's soul who looks here and there while talking to you, delineating signs of escaping and disinterestedness. You can emerge triumphant in reading a man's mind who wants go for a fling and restrains from long term commitments if you monitor for gestures such as a close sensual eye contact for too long a time, or desiring to touch you even prior to knowing you well.

Touch is another body language which usually never tends to belie and reading a man's tactile power is another key to his heart. If he holds your hand loosely and allows you to remove it from his casually, it is clear that he is not much serious about the relationship. If your man is truly interested in you, he will take your hand in his confidently and hold it tight for a long time, as if not willing to let you go. Also men in love tend to clasp the hands of the woman of their dreams by weaving their fingers together. This is another fabulous and irrefutable body language which does not need much effort in reading.

Once you understand the essence of male body language, you will never again be in doubt about reading a man's soul.

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Reading A Man's Body Language

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