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whateverBody Language When A Guy Likes A Girl

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Body Language When A Guy Likes A Girl

How do you tell if a guy like a girl? If you ask, he may feel embarrassed and lie to you. The best way is to watch his body language. If a guy like you, here are some signs.

  • Smile: Patti Wood, a body language expert, said “the smile is the international signal of friendliness.” Most \body language and psychology experts agree that smiling is the most effective tool for flirting. It makes a person more approachable and attractive. If you catch a guy with lock eyes and big smiles at least three times in a day, it is a clear signal that he likes you. If the feeling is reciprocated, it is time to make a small talk.
  • Lock Eyes: If he keeps gazing at you, it is a good sign. Eye contact is the universal signal language of attraction. If he likes you, his pupil will dilate. You can catch him looking at you, when he thinks you are not looking.
  • Body Mimic:  A behavioral scientist say that “ When a guy feels attracted to a girl, he will subconsciously “model or line up” with the behavior of the person of interest.  For instance, he may have his feet points in the same direction with the girl he likes.
  • Grooming: if a guy like you, he will try to improve his appearance around you. For instance, he will comb his hair or dress up nicely when he is going out with you. If you can notice changes in his appearance when he is around you, it is a good sign.

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Body Language When A Guy Likes A Girl

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