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whateverBody Language When Falling in Love

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Body Language When Falling in Love

According to the research from the University of Pennsylvania, people build their impression of you from:

  • Fifty five percent from your body gestures
  • Thirty eight percent from your tone of voice
  • Seven percent from your words

      Therefore, ninety percent of what you are saying does not come from your mouth. Can you tell if someone is falling in love with you from body language? The answer is “Yes”. Here are some tips that can help you spot that person.

Private Distance: If a person like you, he/she will keep smaller private distance to you comparing to other people. He/She will try to stand closer to you than other people. People subconsciously won’t allow other people to enter their private distance unless they are fond of the other. This is why some people feel frustrated when they enter the elevators. Their private distances are violated by force.

Orientation: If someone feel attracted to you, he/she will orient his/her shoulder parallel to your shoulder. Other words, he/she will subconsciously fact toward you. If someone talks to you and does not even look at you, that person may not be interested in you.

Smiling: If someone smiles at you for no good reason, it is a strong sign that he/she likes you. It does not always mean that the person is in love with you, but it shows that he/she is definitely interested.

Keep Looking At You:  A person who is interested in you will keep you in his/her range of sight. He/she will often looks at you with keen interest. If you notice dilated pupil when he/she talks to you, it is a good thing.

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Body Language When Falling in Love

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