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whateverSigns Of Men Flirting

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Signs Of Men Flirting

How can you notice signs of men flirting with you? Honestly, it is not very hard. Most men usually give out clear cut signals of interest. If you know what to look for, it is very easy to pick up. Here are some signs that you can pick up when a man is trying to flirt with you.

  • Eye Contact: The eye is the window of the soul. A man who is interested in you will frequently look at you. Their gaze at you will last a little longer than usual. Notice the pupils. The studies show that a man’s pupils will dilate four times bigger when he is interested in a woman. A man who possibly is interested in you will look into your eye, mouth and chin, and the rest of your body. Then he will look back up into your eyes again. This is called “triangular formulation”.
  • Touching: When a man is flirting with a woman, he will often find some excuse to touch her. If he often playfully touches your shoulder or clothing, it is a good sign. Some men may put a hand on her knee, shoulder, blouse, or jacket.
  • Subconscious Body Gesture: Some men will hook his thumbs in his belt. What does that mean? He is probably not trying to keep his pants from falling down. At least, you would hope so. It is a sign that a man subconsciously feels your attraction. If a man’s legs and feet remain pointed toward you, it is also a sign that he is interested in you. Because when a man flirts, he will turn his entire body towards his woman.

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Signs Of Men Flirting

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