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Different Meanings Of A KissDifferent Meanings Of A Kiss

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Different Meanings Of A Kiss

From a passionate kiss to a simple peck on your cheek, each kiss has a different meaning to it. Thus when that special somebody gives you a light and breezy peck, how would you come to know the real meaning of it? It can either say "Good to meet you" or "Wow, I have been waiting to do that and more". Surely all of you would identify with this situation and know how nerve-racking it can get to understand the real meaning to it. Don't worry, here are some tips that will help you understand the different kinds of kiss and the meaning as well as how and when to give them:

The platonic kiss: When somebody tightly puckers their lips and gives you a brief peck with a clearly audible "pop" on one or both of your cheeks, do not misinterpret his intentions and go looking for a different meaning to it. He is simply greeting or being friendly to you. On the other hand, if you find him lingering a minute too long and smelling your hair, then it is completely different from being plain platonic. Similarly, if you are being just friendly or social with somebody, ensure that you keep it brief and do not go anywhere near the mouth. Anything more and you will give a completely different impression.

The romantic kiss: This is a completely different ball game. A romantic kiss starts in the eyes. You can then go for a gentle kiss that covers your partner's whole mouth, both upper and lower lips. Remember, if you pucker your lips too tightly, the meaning could be either platonic or plain nervous and you would want to give neither of the impressions. If it is the first kiss with your partner, ensure that you smell good and you refreshen your breath with a mint. If you smoke, make sure to eat a mint before you kiss the girl. Although it is very handy to know the different meanings of a kiss, it is most important to live in the moment and not unduly be concerned about the meaning. Remember, a kiss needs to come from your heart and not your head.

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Different Meanings Of A Kiss

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