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Kissing Games For Two PeopleKissing Games For Two People

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Kissing Games For Two People

Kissing is probably the most passionate and exciting activity that two people can get into. It is the favorite part of any intimate relationship and keeps the romance sizzling. Playing kissing games between two people will be fun and also heighten sexual excitement between the couple. Here are some must try kissing games that two people can indulge in:

  • Arms wide open kissing game: Stand in front of your partner and begin to kiss. The challenge for you people is to keep your hands away from each other and also to keep your eyes open. You two should be touching each other only with your lips and nothing else. The first one who gets too tempted and grabs hold of the other person loses. The trick with this game is to kiss as passionately as you can so that your partner goes wild and loses control. To make this game more fun, get undressed before you get started.
  • Kissing the chooolate game: You can try this kissing game in your next party. Tie the hands of all the people behind them and give each couple a 6" chocolate bar each. The challenge is to hold the chocolate bar with your lips and eat it without touching with your hand or dropping it on the floor. The first couple to finish the chocolate bar wins.
  • Stealth kiss game: Like the name suggests, this is a secret and naughty kissing game you can try the next time the two of you go on a date. When in public, the two of you will need to kiss each other without people realizing what you are up to. Stealth is the key. Keep scores. The person who steals more number of kisses at the end of the evening wins. Think of a suitable penalty for the loser that will make the evening more exiting for both of you.

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Kissing Games For Two People

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