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What Does A Kiss On The Neck MeanWhat Does A Kiss On The Neck Mean

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What Does A Kiss On The Neck Mean

Has someone given you a kiss on your neck lately? Are you confused about what that was it supposed to mean? Are you wondering whether it was a platonic gesture or something sexual? A kiss on the neck does mean that the person is attracted to you - in a sexual way. There is no other explanation. In the kissing world, each kiss can mean something different depending on where it is planted. Here's a short list of areas you could be kissed on, and what it could mean:

  • On the forehead: Means I care about you.
  • On the cheeks: Means I care about you.
  • On the lips: Means I am attracted to you.
  • On the hand: Means I appreciate or it is a pleasure meeting you.
  • On the neck: Means I want you

Hope you get the picture. A kiss on your neck is a definite indication of physical attraction. The nape is one of the most erogenous zones of our body. If a guy kisses you on your neck, it would mean that he cannot wait to get more 'intimate' with you. If you too are attracted to the person, a well-planted kiss on the neck can be a precursor to a really sensual experience. That is why you do not see many people getting kissed on their necks in public.

If you really want to take your relationship with that 'special' one to the next level, taking it one step at a time would be a good idea. You would like to entice your partner, not shock him/her. However, once your advances are reciprocated, a kiss on the nape could mean that you are both ready to know each other on more intimate terms. Kissing in the area above the shoulder and under the ear is a highly recommended foreplay technique. People also derive pleasure out of their neck being licked, but that's a topic for another good discussion.

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What Does A Kiss On The Neck Mean

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