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Why Do People Kiss Under The MistletoeWhy Do People Kiss Under The Mistletoe

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Why Do People Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Many ancient cultures consider the mistletoe to be a sacred plant. European folklore also says that it is a sexual symbol and an aphrodisiac. The ancient druids considered the plant to have miraculous healing powers that could protect against witchcraft, heighten fertility as well as act as an antidote to poisons. In short, the humble plant has been a part of most cultures for a long time.

Mistletoe has also been a part of popular traditions. The kiss under the mistletoe is actually a variation of several old European romantic practices. For example in the Greek custom, when a man gives a kiss to a lady under the sprig he is saying, "I promise to marry you and will love you forever". This is a very popular tradition in Greek marital ceremonies and festivals even to this day. In many Scandinavian cultures, the plant is considered to be a sign of peace. Hence, traditionally, warring couple kiss under the mistletoe and end their fights. The Anglo-Saxons associate the plant to Verra, Goddess of fertility, love and beauty. On the New Year's Day, the French people exchange kiss under a sprig of mistletoe and say "Au gui l'An neuf". Others link this humble herb to a pledge of friendship.

The modern times has seen the revival of this age old culture of people exchanging a kiss under the mistletoe. Today this tradition has become a popular custom and especially so during Christmas. It has in fact, become symbolic to the festive season. Every house, shop and mall hangs mistletoe along with having a Christmas tree, lights, the holly and other Christmas decorations. Couples look forward to kiss each other under the sprig hung overhead as a part of and proof to their love and relationship. Hopeful youngsters also don't miss this opportunity to plant a light peck on the person they are attracted to.

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Why Do People Kiss Under The Mistletoe

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