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Is Separation Good For MarriageIs Separation Good For Marriage

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Is Separation Good For Marriage

The answer to the question - "Is separation good for marriage" is a complicated one. There are two different opinions with regard to this question. Some people believe that separation is a step towards divorce, while for others who have positive notions about separation; it is just a matter of time to resolve the issues causing a breach in the marriage. Sometimes couples select for trail separation, which surprisingly contribute in improving their situation, thus providing good results.

There are even others who are bound by religious rules, which do not allow them to get divorced. These couples sometimes opt for separation, but not to reunite again. However, it has been found that the answer to the posed question is largely positive, that is, a separation is good for marriage. Advocates dealing with marriage and separation have their own views. Advocates against this move are of the opinion that such a step can destroy the marriage. The reason being that the spouses may start enjoying their singlehood once again, thereby not willing to save the marriage.

Advocates in favor of this step state that the move is a smart choice to save the wedding. However, both the married couple should be in agreement regarding this step. It has to be planned beforehand to derive a good result. The couples must set an estimated time for staying apart, set goals and plan for communication. Matters regarding sexual encounters and childrenís custody should also be decided prior to the arrangement. Setting up these aspects will help to draw a good consequence from this arrangement.

In order to make this arrangement work, it is important that both the spouses work in agreement, otherwise it will not provide good results. However, when separation is done with good intentions and in agreement, marriage can be saved. You will get time to ponder over your faults and get the opportunity to rectify them leading to a happy life together.

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Is Separation Good For Marriage

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