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Marriage Separation Statistics In The United StatesMarriage Separation Statistics In The United States

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Marriage Separation Statistics In The United States

The rate of marriage separation in the United States has been increasing at an alarming rate compared to the other countries in the world. It seems that couples in United States have become intolerant of their spouses and are in a hurry to end their marriages. The marriage and separation statistics In United States is calculated on the basis of certain factors. Factors like the age of married couple, chances of reconciliation after separation, time period of conjugal life and children from the marriage are considered to calculate the statistics.

According to a report published by The National Center for Health Statistics of United States, around 43% of first marriages face separation within the first 15 years of conjugal life. These statistics have been revealed from a survey conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth in 1995. More recent statistic published in the New York Times reveals this figure to be around 40% or below. This was based on a prediction by the Census Bureau of United States.

However, the most recent statistics show that for every 1000 people in the United States, 4.95% is getting separated and finally divorced. It has been seen that the rates of marriage and separation are more within the age group of 25-35 years. In senior people, the rate is quite low. The marriage break up reconciliation statistics seems to be a little confusing. Some sources state that marriage separation and reconciliation among young couples is around 10%, while others display statistics around 44%. Hence, there is a discrepancy between the published reports in this respect.

According to various sources, both marriage and separation have shown a significant drop in various places of United States. For instance, in the state of Pennsylvania, only 5.9% people got married and 3.3% of couples broke up, whereas, in the state of Nevada, 62.4% got married and 11.4% decided to stay apart.

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Marriage Separation Statistics In The United States

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