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Woman Marriage ProposalsWoman Marriage Proposals

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Woman Marriage Proposals

For women, proposing a man for marriage may not be easy and it is common for them to have sleepless nights over this. To lessen the anxiety in women, it is recommended that they always have 2-3 plans ready, so that if one fails, they can bank on the other. In the past, women proposals for marriage were few. Earlier, there was a belief that women could only propose on the last day of February in a leap year. However, in the present scenario, women have successfully overcome this hindrance and usually have great plans for the D Day.

Always listen to your instinct regarding the marriage proposal. The good news is that most men accept a marriage proposal coming from a woman. The success rate is quite high, so you need not get butterflies in your stomach prior to making the proposal. It has been found that, normally women do not offer a marriage proposal, unless they are confident of drawing a positive response from men. Never rush with the question of proposal. Always take your time and ask yourself whether you know the man and of course, how much you know him. Do not go down on your knees to make the proposal like a man, women do not look good in this particular posture

If you are wondering how to pop the question, here are some ideas for you. Most men are romantic at heart whether they accept it or not. Hence, pop the marriage question in a romantic ambiance. Candlelight dinner along with his favorite dessert will serve as the perfect setting. Make him comfortable before asking the question, do not surprise him. If he is adventurous, then accompany him to his favorite sporting event. There you can place the proposal on the score board and see his reaction. It will help if his favorite team wins a match.

If your man is an art lover, you can have a signboard with the marriage proposal at his favorite art gallery or museum. This will draw a positive answer with lots of appreciation. Lastly, you can ask him when the two of you are spending free time at your place. Make the question causal.

Come on women; propose marriage to your man in style!

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Woman Marriage Proposals

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