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Marriage Symbols For TattoosMarriage Symbols For Tattoos

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Marriage Symbols For Tattoos

The idea of getting tattoos done on your body is quite cool. In fact, it has become a trend these days to get tattoos as a form of self expression about your experiences and what people mean to you. People have also expressed interest in certain marriage symbols tattoos. Some people believe that these bring luck to the couple, while others just get it done to express their love for their partners.

Tattoos of marriage symbols could either be traditional or something more innovative. The idea of getting the marriage ring tattooed on the ring finger has become quite famous. It symbolizes the powerful bond of wedding. Marriage bands tattoos on ring fingers are considered to be famous symbols of marriage. The infinity, pair of swallows and the eternity symbols can also be drawn on one’s body representing wedlock. The flower Carnation in China symbolizes matrimony. Even the Chinese bird Feng-Huang represents the union between Ying and Yang, thereby indicating wedlock. Some other famous marks of body art include bride and groom pictures, dove bird, hearts, Unity Candle, and butterflies.

These are some of the universal designs of body art with regard to wedding. There are other designs which are more specific to the people tying the knot. Another traditional design for body art symbols of matrimony is a pair of Champagne glasses slightly titled in each others direction. Even wedding vows make good designs for body art, and with the world becoming a global village, we find people all over the world making Sanskrit mantras tattoos on various parts of their bodies.

The chain also signifies eternal love and a connection between souls. This is another apt sign for marriage. According to Chinese signs, you can also ink two pandas together depicting the bond between them. If you are interested in Celtic marriage symbols for tattoos, then the Tree of Life, Celtic cross and the figure 3 can be inked.

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Marriage Symbols For Tattoos

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